since 1983 (Siegfried Krüger) and 1992 (Simone Prothmann) exhibitions, participations in exhibitions, competitions and realisations of art in public space
since 2004 joint projects and exhibitions, national and international
2014 first prize kunst10daagse Bergen, NL

2018 Culture Award of the City Lünen, D

Siegfried Krüger
born 1954 in Dortmund, Germany
Studies in art history, philosophy, social sciences and psychology / Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
since 1984 freelance artist
among other things, artistic glasswork – both freelance and in architectural contexts - for numerous institutions, churches and private customers
2004  3rd prize fountain design, DEW21, Dortmund

Simone Prothmann
born 1971 in Dortmund, Germany
Studies Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany
1995 first prize competition for layout of public square, Dortmund
1996 realisation in public space
1998 first prize competition art objects for open spaces, local church, Dortmund
1998 diploma
since 2002 freelance artist

The places we choose for our work are often transitional places: buildings about to be pulled down or reallocated, changing nature , “lost areas” in urban spaces.
Actions and installations can be realised in front of an audience, in the “lab situation” of one's own studio or in other places without an audience.
Again and again we adress the in-visible in our work, things obscure and irreversible as integral parts of every incident.
Condition as incident and action as event are in equal parts purpose and result of our approach to use time as an instrumental component.

Installations - objects - actions - LandArt – light. These are  - be they permanent or temporary – results of our research of and in the obscure.
Time, space and perception are fields of experimentation via which we approach what surrounds us and what we are part of – nature and culture, reality and realness.